Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The time was now Karmen got up there and she sang her heart out.
  • she had the best time ever and that's when she realized . she needs to take risk because she is only going to live once .
  • THE END !!
  • Her mom told her that if she never takes risk she wouldn't get anything done.
  • And that's when Karmen knew what she had to do...
  • But first she needed an outfit so her and her mom went to the mall
  • I love that one !!
  • At the mall she saw many pretty thigs but it was one purple dress that stood out
  • when carmen went to sleep she couldn't help but dream about how great tomorrow is going to be
  • The next morning Karmen went to school ready to tell all her class mates about her talent show ideas
  • guys i'm singing today!
  • she was prepared for tonight