Monsters are Due on Maple Street
Updated: 4/2/2020
Monsters are Due on Maple Street
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  • What was that? A meteor?
  • That's what it looked like.
  • Maple Street1960
  • He got the car started somehow!
  • I just don't understand! I tried it and it wouldn't start!
  • Yea, Steve. What 'radio set?'
  • Tell us about the radio in your basement, Steve.
  • Exposition: The neighbors on Maple Street are living their normal lives when a sudden roar and flash of light, causing all electronics. to stop working.
  • It's Pete Van Horn! You killed him, Charlie! Shot him dead!
  • Rising Action: Les Goodman's car mysteriously turns on, when nothing else in the neighborhood will work. The other neighbors accuse him of being an alien and causing the power outage.
  • It was Charlie!
  • It was Steve!
  • It was the kid!
  • Rising Action: Don brings up Steve's mysterious radio in his basement. The neighbors begin to turn on Steve, now accusing him of being an alien.
  • Understand the procedure?
  • Yes. Maple Street is...not unique.
  • Climax: The neighbors see a figure walking towards them. Charlie assumes it's whatever caused the power outage and shoots it with his rifle. It turns out to be Pete Van Horn, who had gone to get help.
  • Falling Action: All of the neighbors are hysterical. Most of them think it was Tommy, who had related this event to one of his comic books. Don thinks it was Charlie and Mrs. Goodman thinks it was Steve.
  • Resolution: We end up finding out that aliens were actually behind all of this. They've done this to many different neighbors, watching the same pattern play over and over; fear can turn people into monsters.
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