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Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sindi complaining to James her co-worker about not getting the agreed wage rate.
  • Wait what? When I started working here I experienced the same problem you are having now and it is unacceptable.
  • Worksheet
  • Shucks! Just received my pay slip and agreed rate was not payed. I wonder how I am going to pay my bills.
  • Matha in her cubicle overhears the conversation between Sindi and James
  • I wish they were aware that the is a steward that is selected to help in solving their work related issues. I guess workers should be educated and showed their steward.
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  • Martha telling Sindi What She overhead and also telling her on how it can be solved.
  • Oh thank you, How can I communicate with one and are their services charged.
  • Hey Sindi, heard you talking to James about not getting the wage rate that was agreed upon. The steward can be of assist to your problem.
  • We have one in our department, you can contact him through email xxx@gmail.com and his services are free.
  • After setting up a meeting with the Steward they are discussing the matter.
  • After the meeting with the management and then get back to you with the agreed results, which should be fair to you and the employer.
  • I have heard your matter and I will address it with the management and find ways to solve the problem. We as the union promote fairness in the workplace.
  • Thank you for taking my case. I hope all will work out just fine
  • And problem has not been fixed and i have been to the HR department to report it. I wish there was a way.
  • The steward comes back with the response from the meeting held with employer.
  • Hope you are well. WE came to an agreement of you getting the wage rate that was agreed upon, as it was unfair to be given less than what was suppose to be given.
  • Data collected from employees
  • Thank you so much mam. At least I would be able to pay off my bills.
  • Sindi reporting back to James and convincing him take his matter to the steward.
  • Yes you can also go to her. She was elected to solve issues that the employer and employee face. And is the representative from the union, you can contact her on xxx@gmail.com. And her services are free for the whole department.
  • The problem that I had is now solved thanks to the steward that was able to assist me.
  • No ways!! Tell me, can I also get help from her? No ways!! Tell me, can I also get help from her?
  • Thank you so much.
  • No ways!! Tell me, can I also get help from her?
  • No need to thank me I was just doing my job. If yo experience any problem and ill treatment at work yo can talk to me.
  • No ways!! Tell me, can I also get help from her?
  • The importance of counseling in the workplace