Declaration of Independence Jibrail
Updated: 12/18/2019
Declaration of Independence Jibrail
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  • Declaration of Independence
  • Revolution!!
  • All Men Are Created Equal
  • All People Have Basic Rights That Can't Be Taken Away
  • Yeah equal rights
  • .All the colonies were fed up with the British and King George they always tried to reason with him but he would never change anything that is why Thomas Jefferson and others helped him create a document of reasons why they wanted to break away. This document is now known as the Declaration of Independence.
  • Government Gets It's Power to Make Decisions
  • I will protect them and make good decisions that they would like!!
  • This principle is the principle of when all men and women are created equally and can have some different ideas, problems, and our own lives. But we are all created equal and can have some similar traits.
  • When Government Does Not Protect The People They Have The Right To Alter or Abolish The Government
  • Uh oh I messed up!!
  • This principle has a very important role in the principles because when you come to America everyone has basic rights Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People mostly use these rights to say whats on their minds that is why this principle is so important.
  • Today Principle 2 is best upheld
  • This third principle is pretty important because their is government to protect your rights if your doing it for good and not mistreating your rights and that government will make appropriate decisions for the people.
  • This is an important principle because their are times when some government takes away the rights we were born with and allowed to have and we can either make small changes or get rid and start a new government.
  • I feel like the best upheld principal is the second principal because today people have different ideas for a lot of things and they have to tell their government. Another reason is because this is amazing and beautiful free country.
  • America home of the brave and home of the free
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