Updated: 4/16/2020

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  • Really!? That's amazing!
  • Did you guys know that we greasers now have a spy?! We have a Socs cheerleader that you may know called Cherry Valance!
  • We really want to turn ourselves in! Its the right thing to do, Dally! You know it!
  • I don't want you two ending up like me when your older in jail and too young! My life was bad already, you know!
  • The abandoned church is on fire! We must help those poor kids!
  • Someone please help our children! They could die in there! Please! Someone!!!!
  • when Ponyboy and Johnny ate at the diner, Dairy Queen, with Dally, Dally started to acknowledge them about their new spy, Cherry Valance, their Socy cheerleading friend, as he pulled his cowlick back in a better position. They were indeed surprised since Cherry was taking a brave and dangerous situation if any of the Socs found out about her new job for the greasers.
  • Please help us get out of here! We need your help! Fast and quickly!
  • We're coming as fast as we can kids! We are going to save you from harms way!
  • Johnny felt as if he wanted to turn himself and Ponyboy in to the police and the cops. He told Dally about it and he gave Johnny and Ponyboy a reluctantly look on his elfish looking face. He asked Johnny if he was fooling around or acting crazy but they stared at him seriously. He told both of them that they were to young to go to jail and they should not end up like him in life.
  • We are on an ambulance and you are going to the hospital! Your friends are in the other ambulance and have very bad injuries! What do you mean your not a hero? You saved my beloved children!
  • Where am I? Who are you? Where are you taking me? I'm a hoodlum and a thief not a hero or a good person! I steal stuff and my friend has killed somebody for god's sake!
  • As Ponyboy and Johnny got back from Dairy Queen and were about to arrive at the abandoned church, Johnny and Ponyboy saw puffs of smoke and smelled fire and charcoal. As they came to the church, they stared in awe and were horrified to see the church on fire and up in flames! Johnny and Ponyboy knew it was their fault that they were smoking their cigarettes. Johnny’s hair shone like the pitch black night as they stared in horror at the flaming church that once was their hideout.
  • I love you so much! I missed you and Johnny and Dally so much! I thought we'd never see each other again! I'm so glad we're all here together! Family hug guys!
  • Horrified and mad, Johnny and Ponyboy strode into the burning church after they heard that there were kids in the decaying church. They had to act fast! They quickly found the kids and picked them up one by one out the open window and barely made it out!
  • As Ponyboy awoke from him fainting from inhaling too much smoke, the parent of the kids that he had saved was next to him in an ambulance. He asked all the questions he had in mind. The man's name, Jerry answered them and Ponyboy said he wasn't a hero.
  • When Ponyboy was free to go to the lobby, Darry and Sodapop were waiting for him. He hugged them both and realized that Darry all those times was afraid of losing Ponyboy as a brother. Ponyboy told them about the bad conditions of Dally and Johnny.
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