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Updated: 9/10/2020
Philosophers Storyboard

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  • Hello! My name is Mary and I believe that all women should be treated equally to men!
  • Hello John! How are you today?
  • Mary is going to meet John Locke to discuss what changes she thinks need to be made to the Enlightenment ideas.
  • Hello Mary! It's nice to see you. You have such a grand house! What would you like to talk about today?
  • Why should I do that? Can you explain please?
  • Let's get straight to the point here. I want Natural Rights to also apply to all women. We are also capable doing things that men do.
  • can I word my answer? I'm suggesting a social contract between men and women.
  • If women are trying to overpower men, then I certainly will not let that happen. I will stand by the Natural Rights that I wrote.
  • "I do not wish for them (women) to have power over men, but over themselves."
  • (John was feeling cold so Mary took him to her work room where it was a little warmer.
  • Now.... I have to say, that was said really well. I see it now from a whole different perspective
  • John is walking to his home (blue one) and he is thinking about how to created gender equality.
  • I believe that gender equality is definitely achievable if the society is willing. If we can enforce these laws in the constituion, then all the society will need is time.