health comic cartoon
Updated: 2/15/2021
health comic cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • Can I get a apple please? And thank you.
  • Hi can I get you gentlemen anything
  • Ok I will get right on that.
  • Me to thank you
  • Thank you. These are good.
  • I'm a good boy so why can't I get an apple!?!
  • Ok here are your apples
  • Your welcome
  • Thank you
  • Right!
  • Did you know that "Fast food chains serve twice the recommended serving for an individual"
  • Wow that's frightening
  • Dang it! This kid's spoiling our Apparently not so secret secret
  • Also did you know that fast food in large amounts can lead to certain types of cancer
  • Really?!? That's scary.
  • Oh him he's Rover.
  • By the way what is your dogs is name?
  • J.K. Gosh gullible much!!?!
  • Here since 1972
  • Did you know that rover's as old as this bakery
  • Wait What !?!!?!?!?