The haker
Updated: 11/24/2020
The haker

Storyboard Text

  • Threr were two hakers that had hacked the goverments information.
  • 2You have hacked the govermen'ts Gmail
  • We are
  • These two people work in the goverment and they just foung out that they have been hacked. So they called the police to find out what happend.
  • The bad news was reported to the boss, how the police could not find the hacker.
  • One of the hackers didn't like what they were doing and thought that it was to extreem.
  • The other on ignord him, yeld at him and then left in a discise.
  • As the mean hacker was gone, the good hacker turned themselfs in.
  • It turned out that the boy with the hat gave everything back and tehre names in he was only sent to prison for 1 year and the blondy was sent for 2 and a half years.