A night divided/choice board
Updated: 4/7/2021
A night divided/choice board

Storyboard Text

  • Finally home!
  • I guess your right but will just have to see.
  • I heard at work today that there was a wall going to be set up around berlin.
  • 5 hours later
  • You no that stuff is fake like that one time mr.phil said scavengers came to town but it was just a racoon.
  • Sorry I couldn't find any old rooms with bed
  • Good night dad.
  • Good night greta
  • Good night mom.
  • Good night Fritz.
  • The next day!
  • Whats wrong guys.
  • GRETA:Oh no thats not good
  • DAD:I told you
  • MOM:You were right honey there was a wall going to be built
  • Fritz:We have to stay calm maybe it is just to keep other people out.
  • There is no berlin wall so just imagine that there is one.