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The Four Periods of Roman Expansion
Updated: 10/13/2020
The Four Periods of Roman Expansion
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  • The Four Periods of Roman Expansion509 B.C.E.-14 C.E
  • First Period of Expansion509 B.C.E.-14 C.EConquered their Latin neighbors, and EtruscansThe Romans got new friends, allies, even some new enemies, and they were able to expand their land.During this time it was terrible because there was a war, called the Punic war which were starteing. Yes, the plebeians were forced to go to the war by the patricians because the plebeian had to do all the work.
  • Im julius Ceasar
  • Third period of expansion145B.C.E-44B.C.EDuring the Third period of expansion Rome conquered the entire Mediterranean, Asia, Syria, and Egypt.Julius Ceasar made himself dictator for life, and generals became dictators. wars divided the city, civil, taxes were increased and made some people mad that they went upJulius ceasar was a Roman who made himself dictator for life, and he defeated Pompey
  • Rome conquered Britain all the way to the red seaThe war that ended the republic lasted 10 years!!What did Octavian encouraged art, education, and litature, and created constructon.Cleopatra and Antony commited suicide after loosing a battel.
  • Fourth Period of Expansion44 B.C.E-14 C.E
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