How did religion Begin? by Charlotte Y8
Updated: 7/14/2020
How did religion Begin? by Charlotte Y8
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  • Is there someone out there?
  • Who made the Earth?
  • Why are we here?
  • Monotheism
  • Polytheism
  • Religion first came about when people started to question things.We now call these questions 'ultimate questions' ,they are questions without a proven answer such as "Why are we here?"
  • Today's 6 major world religions started in 2 main places-India and the middle east.People started to discuss their ideas about these questions these beliefs were split into 2.
  • The 2 groups people's beliefs split into were polytheism (the belief in many Gods) and monotheism (the belief in one God)
  • Different religions have different representations.A common representation is the use of symbols.These could be the cross (Christianity) or the star of David (Judaism) In religion symbols are used to show things that are hard to explain//understand.
  • Most religions also use celebrations and festivals as a way to connect to God.These festivals can mark special milestones or holy days and are celebrated by friends and family or the whole of the religious community.
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