Battle of the Birds
Updated: 9/11/2020
Battle of the Birds

Storyboard Text

  • It is believed that at night in the forest, the birds and a Bald Eagle fight each other all night
  • It all started when Hala'u got jealous of the eagle because of his beautiful wife. He captured her, and once the eagle found out, he became merciless.
  • He even caught prey bigger than him. It doesn't look helpful, but it was really preparing hm for the biggest fight of his life.
  • He trained and he trained and he trained for a year.
  • Once the eagle got their, it seemed like every bird in the forest was after him. But he slaughtered them one by one, chopping off their heads
  • But there was one bird remaining. A young one, named Mongol. He went out and bodied the eagle.
  • He then revived all of the other birds that bravely fought, except the eagle.
  • The End
  • They then let the wife of the eagle find another mate and they all continued peacefully with their lives.