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The cigarette
Updated: 10/5/2020
The cigarette
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  • When Marjane came back from school...
  • Marjane left to school in the morning. She has been a bit rebellious lately. I hope she behaves.
  • Bye sweetie, have a nice day at school.
  • Will do, bye mom.
  • Marjane has some new friends at school. I don't quite like them since they are older than her, but I decided not to worry.
  • Finally, I can take off that horrible veil.
  • Ring Riiing
  • Good Morning. What happened? Is everything okay?
  • Good morning Mrs. Satrapi, this is the school. We wanted to talk with you about Marjane.
  • There is no need to worry, she was at the doctor today.
  • Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Have a nice day.
  • Marjane skipped her calculus class today. Please, make sure these does not happen again.
  • But it was religion class.
  • So, how was school today?
  • was fine, why?
  • Now you are lying again. I covered up for you this time. Don't ever cut class again!
  • Don't you dare lie to me young girl! I know you skipped class.
  • I was very angry. Such a stubborn girl! She must understand that her education is extremely important, specially in this country.
  • You will have time for fun later. Now is the time to learn. In this country you need to know things better than anyone if you want to survive.
  • Dictator! You are the guardian of the revolution of this house!
  • In dinner I tried to talk with her. We were listening to the radio and I made some comments about the war updates.
  • The Iranian army has retaken Khorramshahr...
  • Khorramshahr for the forth time this month. They are all liars.
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