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mrs ross
Updated: 3/12/2020
mrs ross
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mrs ross

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  • Hey Steven wanna go to the movies
  • Dang that sucks, but I'll help you out, but did you know the only letter not in the PE is J.
  • No, I cant. I have a Chemistry project to do
  • Wow that's a cool fact I could probably use that.
  • Yeah its what we use here in the UK
  • Yeah, your right I only have 2 liters full.
  • Hey I think your low on gas
  • Did you just say liters
  • Dude its only 27 C in here
  • Remember were in the UK so do 27 times 9/5 and add 32 and you'll get your temperature in F
  • Yo can you turn the A/C on its hot in here
  • What are you talking about, you know how cold that is
  • Hey are you going to drink that because its melting.
  • No, just drink it right now since its a liquid.
  • Dang I forgot about that, you think i can stick it in your fridge when we get home so it can turn into solid
  • So do i add this substance in.
  • Yes, we're trying to create a mixture, so add the Sodium to the Chlorine and Water
  • Also make sure you close the top and add sand so the matter inside wont cause an explosion inside the flask
  • Isn't NaCl solubile ,because why are we mixing it with water?
  • Well since, there both dry elements the reactions, will make it into NaCl solubile
  • Are we going to find the melting point for salt?
  • No were going to heat up the salt to see what kind of reaction we'll get since the melting point for table salt is close to 800 C
  • EW whats that smell?
  • Wait what what do you mean?!?!
  • I mean get the fire extinguisher and RUNNNN
  • Dang i forgot when heated it emits toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid and disodium oxide
  • I forgot that the acdic smell was corrosive
  • Which means that if the acid or mist come into contact with the skin, eyes, or internal organs, the damage can be irreversible or even fatal in severe cases.
  • Which means?
  • So what happened back there
  • Thats correct because safety comes first.
  • Which means we should be wearing protective gear like goggles and labcoats right?
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