House of Dies Drear
Updated: 2/10/2020
House of Dies Drear

Storyboard Text

  • When they got to the house all of the furniture was arranged facing towards the window. Sheila's work table had been fixed and polished. This is a demonstration of suspense and setting.
  • Thomas and Kenneth found a hole under the porch steps. Thomas met Mac and Pesty. Mac and Pesty tease Thomas that he won't go down in the tunnel. This is a demonstration of foreshadowing and conflict.
  • Thomas found the hole that goes into the kitchen. He found it from hearing his moms voice. Sheila and Walter help him out of the hole.
  • They all went to church. They saw Pluto there with a limp and he didn't have one before.
  • When they got home from church there was flour and eggs all over the kitchen.
  • They found the inside of the cave and it had a bunch of treasures hidden in it.