Updated: 2/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Oh god, plz just plz ignore me and walk right past me...plz...plz
  • ... that dumb girl was getting on my nerves so i had to...
  • Serves her right, who in the world did she think she was!
  • Ugh, they're so loud
  • Hah, u call that a performance
  • This is fun!
  • Hey, you know Isabelle.... she's so... she smells like rotten eggs!
  • She's so mean... Lets see if her talent is as big as her ego!
  • Ugh, just ignore her, she's just jealous of ur talent!!
  • Heather (the rich,spoiled MC) and her friends having a conversation in the hallways just like any other day. (Isabelle is the one in the pink shirt and blue jeans).
  • Hah! Looks like she was all talk. My ears are literally bleeding
  • An example of the bullying Isabelle has to suffer and go through everyday just because of Heather.
  • Woah.. She sounds so good!
  • This girl is on fire!!
  • Woah...
  • UGHHH!!It's not fair!
  • Heather, her friends, and Isabelle all get accepted to the prestigious school. Heather once again bullies Isabelle, however here, the students here actually are only pretending to be on her side.
  • After a rumor spreads about the huge drop in Heather's grades, the whole school starts to mock and bully her.
  • After a few months of a lot of hard work, it's time for the performance test. Heather sings the song "Girl on Fire" (by Alicia Keys) and the whole crowd is amazed. Isabelle is furious!!
  • After a lot of arguing and fighting, the girls (and the rest of the school) make up and apologize to each other.To celebrate, they perform on stage together for the school. Everyone's happy!