Science project for global warming
Updated: 1/15/2021
Science project for global warming

Storyboard Text

  • One cause of global warming is burning fossil fuels. The carbon in the fossil fuels is released into the atmosphere when burned.
  • The carbon tries to escape the atmosphere but then due to the greenhouse effect, most of the heat comes back to Earth. Because of this, we are not frozen blocks of ice.
  • Nowadays however, since so many fossil fuels are being burnt, there is much more carbon in the air. This means that there is much more heat coming back.
  • Due to higher temperatures, there have been many natural disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes. There have also been other problems such as the Arctic getting hotter, the permafrost melting, and oceans getting warmer, however, there are ways to stop global warming. Here is how-
  • Use your bike for transportation instead of your car. This reduces carbon emissions when travelling. It is not necessary to always bike for transportation, just use it if you go somewhere that is not far.
  • Switch to solar power and/or wind power instead of using fossil fuels for electricity. Solar and wind are renewable which means it will never run out. This also helps the environment because it produces zero carbon emissions.
  • Did you know that 82 million metric tons of gas are released into the atmosphere every year just from eating meat?! Eating less meat reduces carbon emissions which is good for the Earth. If you follow these techniques everyday, then our planet will have a better future