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Updated: 4/17/2020
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1. This scene occurs when Johnny saves a kid and Ponyboy thought that Johnny wasnt behaving his old self and was the only time he saw Johnny without having the defeated, suspicious look in his eyes and was having the time of his life. 2. This scene was when Ponyboy was in the hospital and Darry and Sodapop came to visit him. It was the first time Ponyboy saw Darry cried and finally understood what Two-bit and Sodapop tried explaining to him that Darry did care about him and because he cared he tried too hard to make something of Ponyboy. 3.This scene was when Dally and Ponyboy went to visit Johnny after the greasers won the rumble. When Johnny died, Dally slammed against the wall and his face contracted in agony and sweat streamed down his face. He said " Dammit ,Johnny dont die,please dont die..." because Johnny was someone whom he loved a lot.
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