Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Description

stupidity is a major world issue

Storyboard Text

  • An Example of stupidity is seen in our fellow homo sapiens by the lack of common sense in protesting against quarantine and vaccines
  • Unintelligence is also seen in the president of the United States of America, from his claiming that injecting disinfectant into ones self with eradicate Covid-19
  • Faith Healing.Essential oilsAutism from Vaccines
  • Flat Earthers are another form of stupidity, believing that the Earth is as simple as the flat projection in front of them and dismissing all scientific information relating to Pythagoras's theory of a round Earth
  • The first form of stupidity, the most common one, is known as confident ignorance which is people who do risky things with no former knowledge
  • Second form of stupidity is lack of control, which originates from obsessive behavior about a topic even if wrong
  • 3rd and final type is absentmindedness which is the complete and utter impracticality towards any form of task