Reunification Under The Sui Dynasty
Updated: 2/24/2021
Reunification Under The Sui Dynasty

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  • Reunification Under The Sui Dynasty
  • welcome General Wendi
  • After 400 years of civil war, a general named Wendi seized power and formed the Sui Dynasty 581 AD.
  • Wendi promoted the popular religion of Buddhism.
  • I will make a new law combining northern and southern traditions.
  • Wendi's Rule
  • Buddhism is a spiritual tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development.
  • I'm going to strengthen the government, limit the power of the nobles.
  • I think I'll encourage religious tolerance.
  • Buddhists seek to reach a state of Nirvana (the end of all desire, sense of self and suffering)- being born and re-born
  • Wendi's conquering, allowed him to reunify Northern and Southern China.
  • Wendi created a law code for the Northern and Southern Chinese, to combine both religions.
  • Wendi's Rule (Cont)
  • Wendi extended the canal, which increased agriculture.
  • Yay, we are reunified.
  • Yangdi loved luxury and built extravagant places in his new eastern capital at Luoyang.
  • Yangdi launched an unsuccessful war against Korea.
  • The Grand Canal
  • Yangdi grew unpopular until, 611, a famine finally pushed the people to rebel.
  • Yangdi built the Grand Canal connecting the Southern Chang Jiang to the northern Huang He
  • Yangdi expanded the Great Wall of china.
  • The Grand canal (Cont)
  • Let's protect china will all of our strength.
  • The grand canal made possible for goods to go to and from Southern and Northern China.
  • The Great wall's purpose was to protect china from outsiders, or attackers.
  • Even though the sui dynasty only lasted 37 years, it was still able to to reunify most of medical china.
  • In 618 AD, the next dynasty arose, known as the Tang Dynasty.
  • Summary
  • In 611, a famine finally pushed people to rebel, and led to the assignation of Yangdi.