gatsby storyboard
Updated: 3/16/2020
gatsby storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 1-Gatsby reaches for light
  • Chapter 3-Meeting Gatsby
  • Chapter 2-The eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg
  • Gatsby is seen reaching for a green light. This green light represents his dream of being with Daisy. This green light represents his future.
  • Chapter 5-Meeting Daisy
  • This is when Gatsby and Nick first met. If it weren't for this Gatsby would of have never been in Daisys life again
  • Chapter 7-Killing Myrtle
  • The eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg can portray God looking down and judging American society as a wasteland.
  • Chapter 8- Gatsby dies
  • Gatsby first meets Daisy and this makes Daisy realize her love for him and from this point on she wants to have a life with him.
  • This scene shows Daisy running over myrtle. Not only does she kill her but this event leads to gatsbys death. not only that but it is also shown that Daisy does not care for gatsby anymore.
  • in this scene gatsby is shot by the husband of myrtle who believes gatsby killed her. This event is important because Gatsby began in the story trying to achieve his dreams but now he has died and can no longer do it.