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the talking dino skull
Updated: 10/16/2020
the talking dino skull
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  • Ahh what a nice day it is to plant crops,oh look it's a bird
  • indeed it is fellow human
  • What the ...huh what di-di-did you just TALK TO ME
  • Yes I did anyway you will find a much more better place to plant your crops at the back
  • Remember don't tell anyone or you'll end up like me
  • Heheh wait until the news gets to hear about this
  • Today story,a local man claims to find a talking bird
  • George was outside getting ready to plant crops when a bird flies down at him
  • Witnesses say this man could be a hoax,crazy or insane
  • (Sniggers)
  • He met a talking bird that told him the best place to plant crops.
  • Watch this,ah it's a lovely day to plant crops
  • The bird also told him to don't tell anyone about the secret planting place
  • So George reported this to the news roporters
  • George said the same thing he said when the bird started talking.
  • The man said his words but the bird said nothing and flew away.The news reporters couldn't start laughing until they cried. Let this be a lesson ask before you tell anyone.The End
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