Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • What is multiple intelligence?
  • multiple intelligence is a way to describe how smart you are in different category since there are 8 of them you may not be strong in one but you can be stronger in others.
  • Thes intelligence's are in portent to know because they can help you chose a career you would like to pursue in the future. The 8 intergenic/smarts Body smart, People smart, Self smart, musical smarts, visual smarts,verbal-linguistic,logical-mathematical smart and nature smart.
  • why you should learn about these about the intelligence
  • MY 3 STRONGEST INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCEBody smart-81%People smart-75%Self smart-59%
  • Body smart
  • Body smart is when you is when you have a lot of controller over your body or being able to do more fiscally demanding tasks like working out playing sports or even more simple things like coordination, balance, dexterity, strength, flexibility, and speed. since I am body smart a job i can do is being a athlete since i have controls over my body and am strong
  • People smart
  • people smart is being able to read the mod expressions and hits other people give off but it is also how you under stand and treat there feelings. Some jobs that i can get with this skill is a mental health psychology since they can make diagnostic by the why people talk, body language and by the way they act.
  • self smart is understanding one's true self weather it's there beliefs in religion, motives, golos and desires. Its being able to stay true to your self jering any time and understanding your own emotions.
  • Self smart