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Sotryboard #4
Updated: 3/28/2019
Sotryboard #4
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  • 4. Grace Krueger
  • #4
  • "Congress passed such laws in 1916 and again in 1918, but the Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional because they infringed on states' rights and denied children the freedom to contract work"(Freedman,94).
  • Text Structure-Sequential Order
  • "In 1924, Congress passed a constitutional amendment that would authorize a national child-labor law"(Freedman,94).
  • "Federal regulation of child labor did not succeed until 1938, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act(Freedman,94).
  • Signpost-Quoted Words
  • "Cities do not build themselves, machines cannot make machines, unless back of them all are the brains and toil of men,"Hine emphasized,page 77.
  • Kids At Work
  • Growth Mindset-Embraces Challenges
  • To finally pass laws to stop child labor, it took a lot of time for congress to agree before the law was passed.
  • Summary-SWBS and Aha! Huh?
  • SWBS Hine wanted to end child labor by passing a law to stop it, but not many people were willing to listen to him. So, Hine continued to find new ways to convince people that child labor was very bad for kids and progress came very slowly.
  • The author quoted this person because Hine's goal was to highlight the importance of human labor in the new age of the machine.
  • Question-Application
  • What would result if Hine had never wanted to stop child labor and just let it go on?
  • Dreaming of ending child labor, Hine continued to find new ways to try and stop it even though nobody was really hearing what he had to say.
  • Although Hine didn't succeed with stopping child labor for a very long time, he embraced new challenges by finding new ways to try and stop child labor.
  • Challenge yourself-Don't give up-Prove people wrong-Believe in yourself-Don't let people turning you down stop you.
  • Aha! -Hine has always had a passion for photography -All Hine wanted to do was stop child labor so that kids wouldn't have to be in danger anymore Huh? -Nobody wanted to listen to Hine and his reasons why child labor was so bad.
  • Question for week #4
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