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Storyboard book club 2
Updated: 2/27/2019
Storyboard book club 2
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  • 2. Grace Krueger
  • Text Structure-Description
  • "To gain access to factories, mines, sweatshops, and mills, and to use his camera freely, Hine often had to disguise his real purpose"(26).
  • "Lewis Hine traveled constantly for the National Child Labor Committee, covering as many as fifty thousand miles a year by automobile and train"(31).
  • Signpost-Numbers and Stats
  • "An emaciated little elf 50 inches high and weighing perhaps 48 pounds who works from 6 at night till 6 in the morning and who is so tiny that she had to climb upon the spinning frame to reach the top row of spindles"(35).
  • Kids at work
  • Mindset-Growth
  • Although Hine was not supposed to be going in child labor factories, he disguised himself as other things in order to get in to take pictures of the kids at work.
  • To try and stop child labor,Hine is disguising his real purpose and going into different child labor factories and taking pictures to  try and prove to the National Child Labor Committee that it needs to stop.
  • Summary-Gist and Aha! Huh?
  • Gist-Child labor needs to end right now!
  • The author used these numbers to show how how little these kids were and that they some of them were working 12 hours a day when they should be at school or in bed.
  • Question for Book Club
  • Hoping to stop child labor, Hine is doing all that he can to stop it. He is not supposed to go in child labor factories, so he disguises himself in order to get in and take pictures.
  • Theme-If there is something that you want, do not stop trying to get it until you succeed.
  • Aha! -children are being worked way to hard in big factories and this had been going on for a long time. Huh? -Not very many people care about the kids being worked way too hard.
  • Is there another solution to stopping child labor than Lewis Hine taking a bunch of pictures?
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