Updated: 4/8/2021

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  • Hey Britney whats wrong?
  • Well tides are the daily changes of the level of ocean water. But let me tell you more.
  • Well I'm supposed to do a school project on tides but I'm not really sure what they are.
  • Well tell me more about them.
  • You are making me think better about my project already.
  • Well for starters there are many types of tides such as spring tides that happen when the sun, moon, and Earth form a straight line. Also there are neap tides when the sun, Earth, and the moon form a 90 angle.
  • Well I'm not done explaining it yet.
  • Well, tides are cause by the tidal force or the gravitational force. 
  • Wow that helps a lot I really needed that information for my project!
  • How are tides caused?
  • Yes there can be high and low tides. High tides are when the water level has been risen and are at there highest point. Low tides are when the water level is lower and at there lowest point.
  • Thanks for helping me out John now I know exactly what to say for my project!
  • Do the tides change at all?
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