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Water Unit Project Hydrocarbons
Updated: 3/26/2020
Water Unit Project Hydrocarbons
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  • My name is Bond. Hydra Bond. Although I look like a regular, if fashionable, teen, I am in fact a superhero, and I have the power of hydrogen bonding.
  • When one finds out that they are a metahuman, it isn't long before their first case comes to them, and come it did for me.
  • Hydra, I have heard of your powers, and we at Intramolecular Labs could truly use your help with a couple of our meta humans. Allie Alcohol, Andy Amine, Angela Amide, and Caroline Carboxylic Acid refuse to work with others who are like them, Ella Ether refuses to work with anyone, and Kelly Ketone and Allen Aldehyde will not cooperate with anything. Can you please help Intermolecular Labs and help them learn to work with others?
  • Of course I will help you! It is my duty. I read in the CK-12 book that I can help them bond with one another, because they have hydrocarbon powers. I will do my best to try. You have my word.
  • I'm Kelly
  • I'm Allen
  • I'm Andy
  • I'm Ella.
  • I'm Caroline
  • I'm Angela
  • I'm Allie
  • So, I've heard that none of you either can, or want to work with a partner. It is important that you do. So, I'm going to help all of you.
  • She then Transformed to become Hydra Bond!
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