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Updated: 2/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello class today we will be talking about the Indus valley,Did you know they worshiped cows how crazy!
  • They also lasted about 1,500 years
  • Wow so cool!
  • did you know mohenjo daro was known for urban planning
  • and they had their own grid system
  • Awww those facts were so cool!
  • and the indus valley built walls not just for defense but to regulayte trade too pretty cool huh?
  • hey son did you know the harrpa tribe was founded in the 1920s
  • Cool! Harrapa is named after a parkistan town
  • India has Subcontinents!
  • The Indus people traded cotton grain lumber livestock that interesting!
  • The Indus tribe had stone animal seals on their writing.