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Updated: 8/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I will give you 5 corn for 10 seeds
  • I think I could make a deal for that much corn.
  • The region where the Eastern Woodlands people lived was heavily wooded, and tribes practiced a technique known as slash-and-burn agriculture.
  • Over a series of days the woodland people would pray after gathering the food they grew.
  • This shows how the people of the woodlands traded with another tribe in the same area.
  • Women planted and harvested the crops. They also cooked, cared for the children, and made baskets, clothes, and other goods.
  • Men cleared the land, constructed buildings, hunted, served as warriors, and engaged in trade.
  • Agriculture was so important to these groups that one of their religious ceremonies was a Green Corn festival, which was held each summer as the corn began to ripen.