Lord of the Flies

Updated: 5/12/2020
Lord of the Flies

Storyboard Text

  • Lavatory
  • Right in this room is the restroom that has a very nice lavatory.
  • Bollocks
  • You're talking a load of Bollocks Jerry!!
  • Sod You
  • Why Don't You Just Sod Off
  • A flush toilet
  • Plinth
  • A vulgar slang exclamation expressing anger, disbelief, etc
  • Diffident
  • Sorry if I´m a little shy it´s just I'm barely getting to know you
  • A vulgar British slang phrase showing extreme contempt
  • Embroil
  • A course of brick or stone, often projecting one, along the base of a wall
  • This house was made using plinths.
  • Lacking self-confidence: timid shy
  • To draw into a conflict or fight: involve in trouble