Macbeth Act 2 StoryBoard
Updated: 2/5/2020
Macbeth Act 2 StoryBoard
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  • Do mock their charge with snores. I have drugged their possets,That death and nature do contend about them,
  • Lady Macbeth talking about how the guards are asleep while the King is about to be murdered
  • Macbeth looking at his blood stained hands thinking, what has he done
  • This is a sorry sight
  • The guards are screaming in their sleep as if they know what Macbeth had done to the King
  • Murder!!!
  • Ha Ha Ha!
  • Macbeth is realizing that we will never be able to rest peacefully knowing that he had just committed a murder
  • Methought I heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more!Macbeth does murder sleep”—the innocent sleep,
  • Macbeth doesn't even recognize after this recent event. Someone the king trusted turned around and killed him
  • Whose hands are these?
  • Macbeth feels that no water can wash away what he has done, it is forever imprinted upon him
  • Will all the water in the ocean wash this blood from my hands? No, instead my hands will stain the seas scarlet, turning the green waters red.
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