Merchant of Venice ending
Updated: 11/9/2020
Merchant of Venice ending

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  • After Shylock arrived at his house he thought it would be best to pack the last of his things and leave Venice. He was thinking about his punishments when his daughter Jessica knocks on the door.
  • 2. Can you please listen to me. I am not okay with the way things are between us, even though I am the one who ran away. I here tomorrow you will become a Christian and your estate is split between Antonio and Venice.4.I would just like to agree that we are father and daughter and we should be able to forgive one another.6.You know I am married to Lorenzo where ever he goes I go. If he can come and you respect him I will come to.
  • 1.How dare you show your face to me!3.Yes, but how do you plan on fixing things between us is my concern. 5.I agree under one condition. You must leave with me and the rest of you family. We are leaving Venice to start a new fresh life. It wouldn't be the same without you.7.Alright.
  • The following day Shylock goes to church to convert to a Christian.
  • Well thank you for noticing. But can we just let go of the past and forgive one another. You and I both almost lost our lives and since we both relate to the feeling i'm sure we can manage to start over.
  • The next day Shylock goes to Antonio's house to talk to Antonio about what he has done to him and how he will never be able to forgive him.
  • Antonio I am here to let you know you are one very lucky man. If I had been more precise about every word in that bond you would be dead.
  • I agree taking away your religion was a very huge decision but if you had only apologized to me in the first place that would have never crossed my mind. But since you are a Christian now I see no reason for you apologize and be cursed.
  • You have some nerve. I may not ever be cursed but I will never apologized to you.
  • Oh you surely don't think I will forgive you that easily! After everything you have said and done. And especially after you making me convert to a Christian!  People call me a beast but you are worse than a beast. You took my foundation and worth of living my life away.
  • Farewell Shylock.
  • Antonio and shylock speak with each other for a while and come to the conclusion if neither one of them mistreats the other any more from now on they will be considered acquaintances
  • Do you really want to spend the rest of our lives bickering and forever being enemies. You like to say you are better than me, well if so at least forgive me of my actions and I will the same for you.
  • Fine, since I will never have to see you again. I am leaving with my family, somewhere new. Farewell Antonio
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