Science project
Updated: 2/4/2020
Science project
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  • how are we ever going to get out of this tree house?
  • Gravity
  • OMG!!!if the ice warms up it could fall on my head. i'm scared.
  • Static friction
  • I have an idea.
  • Elastic Force
  • we can use this bungee cord to get down.
  • Gravity is a force that pulls objects to the center of the Earth (ground). This boy is scared that the icicles are going to fall on his head.
  • Magnetic force
  • I think the soccer goal is magnetic.
  • static friction is when an object is not moving. The force keeps the object in one place until and outside force acts upon it.
  • Rolling friction
  • ik i won't fall.
  • An elastic is something that retracts back. and the more you stretch the more force is required.
  • Sliding Friction
  • Ow. I slipped and fell on ice. i guess that's gravity for you.
  • magnetic force is an attraction or repulse that aries between electricities.
  • rolling friction is something that has to do with wheels like a bike or car.
  • sliding friction is where you slide up/ down something like ice.
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