Mexican Immigration
Updated: 10/23/2020
Mexican Immigration

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  • Hi, Welcome to the Mexican Immigration National Museum
  • Thank you
  • In this room we have the,"National origins Act of 1924." This Act was caused by Immigration and economic recession. This Act had many consequences.For example, Racial discrimination and low wage jobs.
  • Oh, Very interesting.
  • In this room we have the "Mexican Repatriation of 1929." This occurred in the great depression. This act was caused by a competition for low wage jobs. The consequences of this act were that people were getting arrested and kids were being deported.
  • OH,Really.Didn't know that
  • In this room we have the "Operation Wetback in 1953." This act was caused because many Immigrants were entering the U.S. The consequences of this act made more than 1 million Immigrants be deported back.
  • Oh very interesting
  • Oh, no way!
  • Her we have the "Bracero Program in 1943." This act was caused because the program was letting immigrants work and also providing Immigrants with housing and a low wages. The consequences of this Program led to people leaving because they were not paying the right amount and also the employees were not getting their rights.
  • Overall these laws did not benefit the Immigrants because many Immigrants had to go back or were deported back from where they came from. Also because some Immigrants were not getting payed the right amount. Therefore, these laws heavily impacted Immigration and affected the population.
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