Elizabeth Gunn

Updated: 5/12/2020
Elizabeth Gunn

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  • In 1903 Elizabeth Gunn qualified in medicine at the University of Edinburgh.
  • To get to serve in the NZ Army Medical Corp as a doctor, Elizabeth had to get a petition signed because women were not usually permitted to do this. In Britain and NZ, she saw children suffering from malnutrition and poverty.
  • Elizabeth saw solutions to these problems.She was the first doctor to invite parents to medical inspections. She introduced milk to schools long before it became a government policy.
  • She set up health camps for malnourished and disadvantaged children in 1919. Her first health camp was a 'canvas camp' on a Turakina farm.
  • Today, if it wasn't for Elizabeth Gunn, health for children in New Zealand would be completely different and would not have benefited generations of children through health camps. Elizabeth Gunn is an inspiration to us all because she accomplished all this as a women. In the early 1900s women weren't accepted by society as someone who could make decisions. She's a role model to women all over the world because she didn't back down when people told her what she was doing was wrong. Elizabeth did what she thought was right using initiative, despite what people thought about her methods.Elizabeth improved New Zealand's understanding of health for children drastically. Health camps became an accepted method of treating illnesses and helping children who need to improve their health. Health camps were only just recently closed down.
  • 'We should put our children's health first and that will be our nation's wealth.' -Elizabeth Gunn
  • Elizabeth Gunn proves that woman can do whatever they want to and they can do it better than men too!