Horror story
Updated: 3/15/2020
Horror story

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  • Hey Ella, Izzy, bobby! I think I have ghosts in my room! I keep hearing things. Come here PLEASE!
  • I don't think you actually have ghosts Bret!
  • I don't hear anything, maybe you just need some sleep.
  • I swear I hear noises in the middle of the night!
  • I don't know Bret, I agree with Izzy. Maybe your just tired.
  • I kind of believe Bret, I don't think he would lie about this.
  • Hi, I'm Izzy and you must be the ghost busters
  • Hi, Izzy ! We have checked out the house and yes you do have ghosts and its extreme !
  • I'm going to check this out for myself. I still don't believe it !
  • For some reason I keep hearing scratching noises!
  • Bobby and I figured out what the " ghost" was ! They were just possums living in your walls Bret !
  • Thanks you guys! If It weren't for you I would be living in this horror forever.
  • WOW ! We were this scared for nothing. They are pretty cute!