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Old Yeller
Updated: 10/1/2019
Old Yeller
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This story is about a boy and a stray dog that soon becomes his and his father had left the young boy with his Mama and his brother Little Arliss

Storyboard Text

  • I was in Birdsong Creek,Texas in the 1860's I'd thought this day would come. Me the man of the house. Papa was leaving with the cow to make a little "cash money" for Mama,Little Arliss,Himself ,and Me but when he'd left that changed me it'd changed me alot.
  • Later that evening I was out in the field with good ol' Jumper. now Jumper was a old mule that would stop and try to eat every time we try to get some field work done. But that afternoon I'd went out to the field with Jumper and than a few hours later he'd try to go eat dinner. But I took a club to him and that should've taught him to stop trying to leave!
  • After that night I'd hoped that I'd teached ol' Jumper a lesson. Later that evening a roan bull and a Chongo bull had come to our house and had a big fight they had communicated by stomping and puffing up smoke. The Roan bull had come from the right side of our little cabin and the chongo came from straight in front of us. I hope that old mutt helps us if these bulls go crazy.
  • Old Yeller had been fighting a loafer wolf because it had hydrophobia when Mama and Lisbeth had been getting a drink of water and then the wolf came out of nowhere and then Mama looked up in time to see it leap across the drinking water and smack it right on the face with a stick and then that's where Old Yeller came in.
  • Before I shot I made sure Mama and Lisbeth were inside. Then I'd gotten my gun I was trying not to hit poor Old Yeller I'd got my rifle aimed at the big Loafer Wolf I pulled the trigger hopelessly and then I saw both animals down I didn't know whether I'd shot The Loafer Wolf or Old Yeller. Than old yeller got up! Then I had to kill him.
  • A few days later my Papa had come back and he'd surprised me alot. But I was still sad of a dead dog.
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