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percy jackson
Updated: 11/17/2020
percy jackson
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  • " It had a rope bridge which wasn't a good sign.Annabeth and Percy just made it across the bridge. They are now on there way to find the fleece. They decide to go through the trees hoping to find the fleece.
  • "I couldn't see the fence yet, but i could feel its power." Percy and Annabeth were getting closer and closer to the fleece as they thought. They kept walking a little further and there it was the fleece was right there. To there eyes it was guaranteed at all it was just laying there. Until they realized that whenever a animal got close to the fleece the sheep would attack and kill.
  • "Just passed them was a path that led up into the hills."They both had to get away from the giant sheep. So they hike up tall mountains to get away. As soon as they got far enough away from the sheep they went back to normal they calmed down.
  • "A minute later Annabeth hit a slippery patch of moss and her foot slipped."Annabeth and percy slowly made there way up the clift it wasn't all easy it was actually pretty challenging and scary for them both.
  • "The poor things brain is boiling from there. Put her down, dear." Annabeth and Percy arrive to see there friends Grover and Clarisse trapped. Clarisse was tied up haning over a pot of boiling water about to be eaten alive. And then Grover was tied up and couldn't move.
  • "Polyphemus bellowed furiously, grabbed a giant boulder and threw it towards the sound of annabeth's voice. " The cyclops tried multiple times to kill all four friends and have them for dinner. But nothing worked and the friends hurried and got out of the cave.
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