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Rouge Wave Story Board Muneerah Al-marei 7GA
Updated: 10/13/2020
Rouge Wave Story Board Muneerah Al-marei 7GA
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Storyboard Text

  • This song is so good!
  • I'm excited to see the big waves!
  • Wow, look at those seagulls! Wait what's that I can feel something coming...…
  • Oh no....Its a … huge wave!! Anybody help! No the water is coming in from the porthole, I'm going to die!
  • Scoot and Sully hopped on Sully's favorite boat and Scoot was listening to a song. It was Scoot's birthday and she was learning how to be a deep-water sailor.
  • Please Scoot! Were are you Scoot answer! I have to go in the water and save Scoot, its my only chance..
  • Sully was distracted by the seagulls, but he felt a huge wave coming, and Scoot was still inside the deck! He did not have time to do anything! And he did not tell Scoot!
  • Open the door Scoot! Scoot?! Let me try to punch the door open.. ouch my fist!
  • Scoot got stuck inside the deck, and rushing water was getting into the porthole. Scoot started to panic and became unconscious.
  • Wait were am I.. I know.. I have to get out of here! Sully Sully! Please don't tell me he died...
  • Sully called out for Scoot, but there was no response. He also saw that the boat was flipped and he knew what would happen to her if he did not save her.
  • Sully swam inside the deck and tried to punch the door open. Sully tried multiple times to open the door, and his fist started bleeding, he tried to have hope.
  • Scoot finally woke up, and she looked around and remembered where she was. Scoot tried to open the door, and she yelled out for Sully, hoping they wouldn't die alone.
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