Unknown Story

Updated: 1/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • ive never seen you here before. Who are you and why are you eating my berries!
  • Im a chipmunk who wants to go home, but these berries were too tempting.
  • Is by being very determined, you must go through alot
  • This Island has trapped many animals, the only way to get out...
  • I was! 'Till I found these berries.
  • oh boy.
  • matter of fact, im going to swim out of here right here right now!
  • Im drowning, is this the end? I guess it is, getting out of this will be too difficult, time to say goodbye.
  • Wait! You still havent gotten home, I can still climb to this rock go!
  • Ive made it this far, and almost died, I am no longer the ignorant and dull chipmunk! I well get off this island!!! I am a hardened survivor.
  • huh? Where am I? I know, this is my homeland! I made it! I got off the island and returned home! What do I do now?
  • the end