The wedding

Updated: 9/8/2020
The wedding

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  • Did i forget something what if-
  • Hi! I'm Emily and today is my wedding day i can't wait!!!! My best friend Abby is coming over to help me she is helping me get ready!!
  • Do you promise to-
  • This is Abby right now she is helping me get dressed then it's show time me and my boyfriend are not supposed to see each other so i'm in this spare room.
  • It's time..... right here i feel like i'm gonna trip on the carpet ooooo i see my parents!! Awwww my mom is crying....
  • Good bye everyone thank you for coming!!
  • Have a good trip i'll be fine alone.....
  • That's all happened so quick OMG OMG OMG i'm married i'm married i'm married sniff i feel like crying....., AHHHHHHHH everybody is clapping eeeeeeeee
  • Everything was so good! It's time for the cake i can't wait!! Jake and I get to cut the cake first!! This is got to be my favorite day!!
  • The wedding was a success!! I can just see the beautiful beach on our honeymoon~~ I can't wait!!