healthy relationships

Updated: 5/15/2020
healthy relationships

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  • hey lexi are you ready for school?
  • yes thanks for picking me up babe!
  • i dont think im going to be able to hang after school because abby asked me to help her with some homework
  • okay thats okay we can just hang some time this weekend
  • have a great day at school ill see you at lunch!
  • you too lexi i'll talk to you later.
  • Josh and Lexi have been dating for 6 months and josh is picking up Lexi for school.
  • really good he's super understanding and we both trust eachother 100 percent
  • how are you and josh doing?
  • Lexi and Josh were suppose to hang out after school, but she told her best friend abby that she would help her with history at the cafe after school so she had to cancel plans with Josh, but he understood and they came up with a solution together.
  • "goodnight sleep good and i'll see you tomorrow, love you"
  • Lexi and Josh walk into school
  • "i can't wait to see you tomorrow, goodnight, love you"
  • Abby and Lexi finish studying and talk about lexis relationship. Lexi shares that she is very happy with the relationship that she is able to have with him.
  • josh says goodnight to lexi before going to bed
  • lexi says goodnight to josh before going to bed.