The outsiders chapter 1

Updated: 10/12/2021
The outsiders chapter 1

Storyboard Text

  • Setting
  • I wish I looked like Paul Newman he looks tough I don’t
  • Pony boys appearance
  • Description of the west side and the east side of town
  • Pony boy steps out of the movie house, blinded by the light. He had two things on his mind, Paul Newman and a ride home
  • Ponyboy being followed
  • Johnny was so beat up after the socs got to him
  • Pony boy has light brown almost red hair which is squared off at the back and long in the front and sides. He has greenish grey eyes
  • Pony boy being jumped
  • The west side are called the socs it’s an abbreviation for socials, the jet set, the west-side rich kids
  • The gang saves pony boy
  • Pony boy notices a red corvair trailing him
  • Ponyboy is jumped by the socs
  • The gang comes and saves pony boy