Updated: 10/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition- Introduce setting, characters, and background information
  • Rising Action- Introduce the conflict
  • Rising Action- Conflict develops
  • Long ago, when the earth was new, there were space dragons in outer space. One of them was a dragon, who has very low intelligence was a dragon named Bootay. He believed the moon is made out of cheese.
  • Rising Action- Conflict continues to develop
  • Bootay took a bite of the cheese, but the moon grew back the part that Bootay had eaten.
  • Climax- Turning point
  • Bootay decided to try to eat the moon to see if it will disappear.
  • Resolution- The end
  • Bootay decided to try to eat the moon again and again, so he had tried to eat the moon multiple times.
  • But it was no use, Bootay tried so many times to eat the moon so it will disappear, so he decided to take the biggest bite ever.
  •  But his plan failed, and he died while taking the biggest bite and fell to the end of the universe. So this is how the moon changes shape at specific times of the year.