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Module Seven Lesson One Assignment
Updated: 7/13/2018
Module Seven Lesson One Assignment
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  • The Three Blind Mice Book Two: The Trial
  • The Trial Begins
  • Mr. Farmer's Testimony
  • After the farmer's wife cut off the mice's tail, the mice took Mrs. Farmer to trial for attempted murder. First, Mrs. Farmer was arrested but was then let out on bail until the trial. Before the trial could begin, both sides had to looked for lawyers, defense for mice and prosecution for Mrs. Farmer. However, the mice couldn't afford a lawyer, so they were given a public defender by the government.
  • The Final Two Witnesses
  • Before the trial could begin, the grand jury had to decide if there was enough evidence to convict Mrs. Farmer. They decided the bloody carving knife and the missing tail on the mice were enough. An indictment with Mrs. Farmer's charges was created and she was called before the judge in an arraignment to plead. Instead of choosing to plea bargain and get off with a smaller punishment, Mrs. Farmer chose to plead not guilty. Now the trial begins.
  • The Jury's Verdict
  • Both sides begin by giving their opening statements. From there, witnesses are called. Since the farmer was the only witness to the crime, the government orders him to testify and makes him a subpoena witness. While on the stand, the farmer is afraid of being accused of perjury, so he throws his wife under the bus and tells the jury she did try to kill the mice.
  • The End.
  • After the farmer is cross-examined, Mrs. Farmer is called to the stand. She states she did not try to kill the mice. However, the jury already heard the farmer say she did. The mice also claims she did try to kill him when it is his turn to testify. Since there are no other witnesses, the jury leave for their conference. At this point, the judge is required to remind them of the laws that relate to the case.
  • It doesn't take long for the petit jury to return with the verdict. The petit jury is the jury that decides innocence or guilt. The possible choices the jury has is either acquittal, which is innocence, or convicting Mrs. Farmer with guilt. The petit jury declares Mrs. Farmer guilty of attempted murder.
  • Since she was only found guilty of attempted murder, which is still a felon, Mrs. Farmer is sentenced to five years in prison. The three blind mice are satisfied with the results of the trial and don't feel the need to appeal to a higher court to have the case retried. Although the mice will never get back his tail, he doesn't have to be afraid of Mrs. Farmer coming after his head. At least not for the next five years.
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