Poseidon and Amphitrite
Updated: 4/8/2021
Poseidon and Amphitrite

Storyboard Text

  • There was a time where Poseidon felt extremely lonely and completely full of rage.
  •  And to tame his emotions he went out to try and find a wife.
  • On his way to find a wife he found a mermaid Amphitrite, a sea nymph with long gorgeous golden hair and dashing blue eyes. Poseidon fell in love and asked for her hand in marriage.
  • Amphitrite said no to Poseidon's proposal, she said that she disliked his valiant actions and then went away. Poseidon had refused the word no and was determined to get Amphitrite’s hand in marriage.
  • 5 He had then sent his messenger, Delphinus to find her and get her to accept him. When Delphinus located Amphitrite he said if she had said yes Poseidon would have all of his emotions balanced and he wouldn't harm anyone ever again. 
  • Amphitrite accepted and then Poseidon and her had gotten married and had a kid named Triton and a couple other daughters together.