Updated: 2/10/2021

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  • Introduction
  • Man can't believe we got caught.
  • Body
  • Meet up at lunch I have a great Idea.
  • Body
  • It started off like any other day till we had the brilliant idea to go get Carl's Jr then it all went south.
  • Body
  • It was a bright morning we were playing basketball as usual before school started. After a while, the bell rang and Jae told us to meet up at lunch cause he had a great idea. We all just nodded and said alright and went to class.
  • Body
  • Alright see you later.
  • This is where Jae shared his idea to go to Carl's Jr. Then we started to plan how the thing would go down. We knew exactly what we were doing that day and this had a very low chance of success considering that many kids had already gotten in trouble for going there in the past.
  • Conclusion
  • I was the first one there because my teacher let me out a few minutes early. About two minutes passed and they showed up. I already had my food and they were waiting on theirs as soon they got their food we bolted out the door to the back door where we planned to get back into the school through.
  • We arrived at the fence which we realized was locked. This was a problem. We only had 3 minutes left till we were late so we decided to hop the fence to make up for the lost time. We all got over, we were just waiting for Jae. The next thing we know he's stuck on the fence and we see the Staff coming right at us with the group were in right behind her.