hansel and gretel 1
Updated: 3/10/2020
hansel and gretel 1
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  • They got on a taxi, and using the money they found at the old woman's house, they were able to arrive back home.Upon seeing Hansel and Gretel, the father’s eyes were filled with tears. He immediately ran up and hugged the children. He was always sad ever since the day he left his children.As for their stepmother, the father had gotten a divorce so she is no longer here.Hansel and Gretel took out all the valuables they had in their clothes: “You will never have to worry about starving again.”And so the family of three lived happily ever after.
  • One day, the father lost his job. The new wife, who never liked the children, came up with an idea: “Tomorrow, we will take them to the park and give each of them a snack. While they play, we will leave them, and they won’t be able to find their way home.”The father tried to argue back, refusing to abandon his children, and they argued until he finally agreed to the plan. Little did they know that both Hansel and Gretel were listening.
  • That night while their parents were asleep, Hansel gathered all the coins he was given as allowance and put them in his pocket.The next morning, the couple gave each of the children a snack and took them to the park. Since they didn’t own a car, they had to walk instead. Occasionally while their parents weren’t looking, Hansel would drop a coin from his pocket down the road.
  • “Alright, you kids can go and play. Eat the snack we gave if you ever get hungry. When we’re done with our work, we will come back for you.” she said and left with the father.Night came, but the parents never did. Gretel was afraid. “What are we going to do now? They really left us!”“Don’t worry, we will be able to find our way back home.” her brother calmly replied.
  • The streetlights shone on the dark roads, revealing the coins on the ground. The children followed the path created by the coins and found their way home.The stepmother was upset: “You were too busy playing that we thought you didn’t want to come home.” The father, on the other hand, was overwhelmed with joy.Luckily, the father found a new job, and so was able to continue to support the family... but it wasn't long until he lost his job again.
  • The woman had enough: “We can only spare a few dollars for food. We will have to get rid of the children this time for sure.” The father, however, didn't want to leave their children again, and so they argued , until he finally agreed to the plan. Little did they know that both Hansel and Gretel were listening.That night when their parents were asleep, Hansel looked everywhere for spare coins, but he couldn’t find any! The poor family couldn’t afford to give anymore allowances after the first time the father lost his job.
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