hansel and gretel 2
Updated: 3/10/2020
hansel and gretel 2
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  • The next morning, the children received a snack, even less than before. Nevertheless, Hansel would drop a piece of his snack down the road.“Alright, you kids can go and play. Eat the snack we gave if you ever get hungry. When we’re done with our work, we will come back for you.” the woman said and left.Night came, but their parents never did. The streetlights shone on the dark roads, but nothing was there. They snacks had been swept away by the sweeper. Hansel and Gretel were doomed.
  • Both Hansel and Gretel's stomachs were rumbling. Lucky or not, they discovered a small shop, in which curiosity drove them inside. The shop was filled with a vast variety of sweets, such as candies, cookies, and cake. The foods sat there, as if they were waiting to be eaten. “I think these are free samples. The owner probably wouldn’t mind if we ate some right.” Gretel suggested. Hansel and Gretel took a bite out of one of the candy and instantly fell with its flavor, so they ate more.
  • While the children were enjoying the sweets, an old woman slowly walks out from the door located at the back of the room: “Oh poor children. Come on in and I shall treat you with the best kindness.”She gave Hansel and Gretel a scrumptious feast with the finest ingredients they had ever tasted in their entire life. When they were full, she prepared the softest and cleanest linens for their beds. However, the old woman was actually a criminal who sells young children for money. She would take them in, food them well, and sell them for a high price.
  • While the siblings are sleeping, the old woman took Hansel and locked him in a cage. She violently shook Gretel until she wakes up, then forced her to do chores.Her plan would be to feed the skinny Hansel until he fattens up so that he would look more appealing to her buyers. Therefore, best food would be given to Hansel, while Gretel gets the burnt and leftovers.Since the woman has bad eyesight, she would tell Hansel to stretch out his finger for her to feel. This way, she would be able to tell when he is good enough to put on sale. To trick her, Hansel would always stretch out a little bone instead.
  • Days went on and the old woman got impatient. She couldn't wait any longer and decided to sell Hansel anyways.She orders Gretel to wait on the sidewalk and wave her hand when the customer’s car pulls up. This would let them know that they had arrived at the right place. Gretel knew that the woman would find a chance to get rid of her by pushing her into a moving car, so she pretended to be clueless: “Where do I need to stand?”The old woman walked outside to the sidewalk: “Right here, stupid girl.”
  • Gretel could hear a car coming, so she used all her strength and pushed the old woman into the road. The car couldn’t stop in time and hit the old woman.She quickly ran back into the house and unlocked the cage to release her brother. The siblings rejoiced and embraced each other in happiness. The old woman was gone, so they had nothing to fear. Hansel and Gretel quickly grabbed all the money and other valuables they could find in the house and fled.
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