Story Essay Project
Updated: 1/14/2021
Story Essay Project

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  • Title Cell
  • Storyboard Essay Peoject
  • ‎ Me My dad
  • My Brother ‎ ‎
  • ‎ ‎ My Mom
  • MySister ‎ ‎
  • Introduction Cell
  • Welcome to Ensenada guys!
  • Wow the city looks so beautiful.
  • Body Cell 1
  • Is anyone offering maps around here?
  • This city is huge!
  • Free Maps and Tour Guide here!
  • Body Cell 2
  • We were on a cruise ship to the city of Ensenada, located on the Baja California Coast. We visited a docking area and got started on our journey. Little did I know, a valuable lesson was up ahead.
  • Body Cell 3
  • After some exploring from the dock, we found ourselves on Ensenada's streets. Someone handed us a tourist map with things to do. With the map, we continued our way throughout the city.
  • Conclusion Cell
  • I'm going to miss this place
  • After some exploring, we found ourselves in an area not shown on the map. This area was full of activity but less funded. People were begging for money and the streets were populated with dirt bikes. My family and I continued through the city.
  • I wonder where we're going
  • pesos de repuesto?
  • Once we got to the end of the street, my family and I found a plaza. This plaza was full of shops, but one stood out. It was run by a mother and her daughter. The daughter came up to us and offered us a souvenir. This is when I learned an important lesson. Don't take life for granted.
  • What do you guys have for sale?
  • Come inside and find out tourists!
  • The trip taught me to not take my life for granted, as people have worse situations than I do. They would do anything to be in my position. Before the trip, I knew people had worse living conditions than I did, but actually seeing what people experience really opened my eyes. I’m thankful for the lesson this trip taught me. Who knew a light-hearted cruise stop would teach a lifelong lesson?